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Buy THC Honey Oil


THC: 800mg
Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
Medical: Stress, Depression, Insomnia
THC: 80%
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Buy THC Honey Oil online.Smoking oils are most effective where immediate absorption is needed.THC Honey Oil for sale online.THC honey oil is non-decarboxylated cannabis extracts. Smoking oils are most effective where immediate absorption is needed. This moonshine oil comes in a convenient 1mL syringe for easy dosing.

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1. Green Oil is a natural extract very high in chlorophyll

2. Cherry Oil is charcoal filtered to remove most chlorophyll

3. Honey Oil is then the filtered and winterized version. This removes both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material leaving us with a very tasty and effective cannabis honey oil.

Best ways to use THC Honey Oil:

1. Smoked in a pipe

2. Vaporized

3. Rolled in a joint

4. Hot knifed

5. Ingested (only eat one drop the size of the grain of rice or you will get suppppppppper STONED)\

*To make the extract easier to push out, heat the medical-grade glass syringes with a lighter.

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