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Buy Purple Urkle strain online


Strain type: Indica

Dominant terpene: Myrcene

Parent strains: Gooberry, Hell’s OG, Jack the Ripper

Activities: Hangover relief, chilling out, sleeping

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Buy Purple Urkle strain for sale online. Extremely relaxing and can become quite sedative. Buy Purple Urkle strain . shipping to your address.

The Purple Urkle strain is a clone-only variety of cannabis that has skyrocketed in popularity since the 1980’s. It is sometimes referred to as Purple Urple or The Urkle as well.

The effects from the Purple Urkle strain are extremely relaxing and can become quite sedative in large doses. Accordingly, it can be a great aid for those with insomnia hoping to fall asleep faster.

Being a potent Indica, we definitely recommend this for night-time use. Also a great cannabis strain to medicate with after long hours of tough labor (yard work, sports practice, etc…). It has been applauded for its ability to eradicate stress and provide full-body pain relief.

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