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Buy Purple Punch strain online


Purple Punch Genetics: Graddaddy Purple x Larry OG
Cannabis Type: Indica
THC: 16-20% | CBD: 0.1-1%
Flavour & Aroma: Exotic fruit, sweet, and herbal

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Buy Purple Punch strain for sale online. Relaxing your mind and racing thoughts high THC, relax muscles. Buy Purple Punch strain online.

Purple Punch holds delicious sweet flavours mixed with fruit aromas. Genetics for this cannabis indica strain comes from Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG. The buds display beautiful light green leaves, bright orange hairs and shiny trichomes. This strain packs a serious punch of effects that is uplifting and cerebral.

Appearance: Large sized buds with pastel green leaves and flaming orange hairs covered in icy trichomes
Texture: Solid density and sticky



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