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A-train strain for sale

A-train strain for sale : With its name referring to a subway line in Manhatten, the A-Train strain is a cross between the Mazar strain from Afghanistan and a version of Train wreck, which was first created in northern California in the 1960s. This strain is a well-balanced combination of Sativa and Indica types. Mazar came second in the Indica section of the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup. A-Train itself was chosen by renowned cannabis reporter Danny Danko as one of the Top 10 strains of 2009.

Info from Wiki Leaf:

A-Train is a true hybrid produced by TH Seeds. It has dense green buds with a taste of menthol and a hint of citrus. Its high is typical of a classic stoner high – euphoric and giggly.

A-Train also hits hard leaving you feeling famished but not too lazy to go for the food in your refrigerator. The couch-lock effect of this strain can be nearly overwhelming and cause some users to feel sleepy. It is a feel-good high that leaves one feeling happy even after the high fades. Some users report an increase in libido while using this strain. The downsides to A-Train are all fairly common – dry eyes and mouth with occasional bouts of paranoia and anxiety for some users.

Because one of the strain’s first most pronounced effects is the munchies, A-Train is often used by people suffering from anorexia and nausea. Others use it for insomnia, opting to let the sleepy buzz overtake them for a restful night. People dealing with chronic minor aches and pains can benefit from the strain, but those with severe pain will likely pass on it. Due to the happy high, it is also used to help regulate anxiety and mood disorders such as depression. The strain is most often used for evening and night-time medicating.

A-Train is half-Sativa and half-Indica. It is a mix of Arcata Trainwreck and Mazar-i-Sharif Afghan. The strain was started in Holland, and although it was bred with the intention of growing indoors, some have successfully grown A-Train outdoors. For indoor cultivation, one has to consider the choice between hydroponics and soil. Plants grown in hydro will have higher yields, but those grown in soil reportedly taste much better. In hydro, the plants can produce yields between 300 and 400 grams per square meter. In soil, they produce between 200 and 300 grams per square meter. A-Train plants grow wide and 120-140 centimeters tall. For this reason, they are best raised as multiple branching plants. The strain requires anywhere between 53 to 60 days to flower.

a-train strain for sale

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