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packaging and shipping of marijuana

marijuana being packaged
packaging and shipping of weed

After an order is placed and the payment confirmed, we’ll proceed to package your order. The packaging process of packaging and shipping of marijuana depends on a couple of factors: If weed is legal in that state, if it’s in the same state, and for international orders, it’s a whole different approach.

The package is generally vacuumed sealed with 2 layers. This is to avoid the smell. Even in states where weed is legal, it’s not appropriate to have the smell on other items being shipped. The outer package is used to conceal the content. When shipping to states where it’s illegal, we use packages that are labelled with unsuspecting names. For example a laptop package, phone boxes, shoes etc.

As for international packages, we use the above for the outer package. But packaging marijuana for international clients gets more complicated and a lot more is done to the package to make sure it’s not stopped for a checks or doesn’t raise any suspicion. Unfortunately it cannot be discussed in this section in order to avoid an interception of our packages.

Our international clients are the most delicate as the laws on cannabis and cannabis related products varies from country to country.

We have to do our best to make sure no one gets into troubles, including ourselves.  After the package is done, we proceed with the shipping.

Shipping is done with FedEx and occasionally, we use USPS. We register the package, collect the tracking information and send to the client via email. We assist the client to track the package and also let the client know what to do in case there’s a delay.

There’s a  5 days return. During this period, the client is expected to return damaged orders or any problems at all are welcome to be returned. Please check our return and refund page for more information.

packaging and shipping of marijuana
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