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How to order marijuana online

how to order marijuana online

This section will be divided into 3 parts. The available payment methods, the ordering process and  what do do in some situations where there’s a problem.

Payment methods

Considering the fact that marijuana and other cannabis related products are  considered illegal in most places around the world, the best payment method so far is with cryptocurrency and the most popular is bitcoins.

Paying with bitcoins is the fastest and to be honest, the most reliable. If you’re familiar with bitcoin payments, then this is the wallet that’s on our bitcoin payment page when checking out:


All you need to do is copy and paste it to the recipient section of your sending page and we’ll get a notification with 2 minutes and we’ll contact the sender immediately the bitcoins are received.  If you don’t know how to buy bitcoins, then please watch the videos below to help you buy bitcoins.

The next payment method we’ll talk about is Cashapp. Now this is quite easy to setup and payments are fast too. The up side is that if a payment fails to leave from a clients account to ours, that client still buy bitcoins from cashapp. Cashapp has a section for buying bitcoins and it is instant. For that to be done, the account has to be verified with ID. Sending money with cashapp is as easy as ABC but there’s a downside. If the amount is more than the client’s usual transactions, the payment may fail. Cashapp doesn’t let people send huge amounts of money to a new person for the first time. If you’re interested in using cashapp, please use the link below to signup.

You can also watch the video below but keep in mind that, you need to send money from your cashapp balance and not from your card.

About ordering, it’s a pretty simple process. The only problem may be with finding the right strain or extract for your needs. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, then you can go ahead and select the weight. Once you select the weight, the price will appear under it and if you add to cart, you’ll see an option to view cart or proceed to checkout. You can continue shopping if you still need some other items. If you’re satisfied with what’s in your cart, then you can proceed to checkout. When checking out, please pay attention to the shipping address because we don’t want to send your package to another address. As soon as payment is confirmed, we’ll contact you and let you know when the tracking information will be available.

Once the tracking information is sent, we’ll track the package with you till it gets to you. We’ll also ask for feedback. If there’s any problem and you wish to return or ask  for a refund, then please visit our refunds and return page for more information.

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