Who We Are

Welcome to Marijuana Bud Shop, Colorado’s favorite family owned and operated marijuana cultivation and dispensary

Back in 2013, Derick and Julian Hoffman founded marijuana bud shop as an avenue to produce high-quality, low-cost medical marijuana. Derick’s exceptional green thumb and Julian’s business acumen drove this successful collaboration. In 2016, we opened our doors to recreational customers as well and now have a dispensary in Denver.
We provide one of the largest varieties of medical marijuana strains in Colorado and WE ONLY SELL OUR OWN BUD to ensure the finest quality product that is fully tested and safe, served up by the nicest and most educated staff around. We offer the largest variety of very high potency concentrates, pre-rolls, infused edibles, topicals, transdermals, tinctures, and more THC and CBD products. Our meticulous focus on both quality and the best possible prices has helped us to grow to be one of Colorado’s most beloved marijuana dispensary.

The MBS family grows it, so we know it!

Our daily specials are the best in Denver. Every day brings a new opportunity to save or to try new products.
It is our objective as a company to provide every customer with an outstanding experience. It is a privilege to sell Medical marijuan in and to serve the people who make our success possible. Hope to see you soon.

weed for sale

About Our weed for sale

Weed for sale

We sell top quality premium cannabis or weed as commonly know. Marijuana is know to be one of the most or if not, the most medicinal plant on the planet. That’s why here at marijuana Bud Shop we work as had as we can to make this medicine can reach those in need. We don’t just sell medical marijuana, we also sell recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is the main reason for the increase in tourists to Colorado.  So we’re cashing in on this by providing premium cannabis to within Colorado as well as to other parts of the Country. Yes, the weed we have for sale can be shipped nationwide and to some countries.

First timers into Denver who’re looking to buy some good weed sometimes fine themselves in our shop and we always give them reason to come back for more so whenever they get back home, they’ll order some marijuana online from us with all the confidence in quality.

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