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Grow Difficulty:   Easy
THC Level: 20-24%
Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica, 25% Sativa
Effect: Relief of Chronic, Persistent Pain
Flavour: Berries, Cherries
Flowering Time:   8-9 Weeks
Versions:   Feminized
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Zensation strain for sale online. Enjoy the new breed of ultra potent strains of Indica. Buy Zensation strain for sale online from the best weed shop online

Zensation is great for medical users looking for the best seeds for chronic and persistent pain issues in 2020. The special breeding has led to a strong Indica-dominant strain that delivers relaxation for the body and mind. All-over tranquility is the typical feeling of users of Zensation, just as you might guess from its name. It is among the most popular kinds of medical cannabis available because its provides such long-lasting, strong pain relief.

It’s no wonder about the intense calming effects with the marijuana’s impressive 20-24% THC levels. For the growers in the crowd, the flowering time of the best weed seeds is short at only 8-9 weeks. If growing it indoors, expect a 450-gram yield per square meter, with a slight reduction to 400 grams when growing is outdoors. Zensation strain for sale online

As for the taste of Zensation, you will likely notice fruity notes of cherries and other berries, as well as a pungent taste that often accompanies weed strains. The scent of cedar and juniper is appealing for many users. Enjoy the pain-free moments the Zensation Strain provide you! Zensation strain for sale online

After mixing the Zen with sensations, Zensation came to light, a 75% indica and 25% sativa hybrid. The ancestors of this strain come from the “White” family and an undisclosed indica variety. The THC-levels range between 20-24% making Zensation relatively potent in comparison with other ganja varieties. After hitting it, one can expect deep and relaxing feelings. The aromas and flavors of Zensation span between cherry, juniper, cedar, and berries. Zensation strain for sale online

After the vegetation period has come to its end, it takes Zensation 8-9 weeks to finish flowering. The aromas can become quite pungent during the last stages of growth. One can expect 450g/m² in yields from indoor operations and 400g/plant from outdoor ones. Zensation is highly recommended for hydro ganja gardens. Buy Zensation strain online

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