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   Tropicanna x Banana Kush
   Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed
Mostly Sativa
Fruity, Banana, Tropical
   Earthy, Pungent
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Tropicanna Banana strain for sale

Tropicanna Banana strain for sale online known for its tropical banana fruit taste.Buy Tropicanna Banana strain for sale online from the best weed shop.

Tropicanna Banana is another totally tantalising addition to our Cali collection. A mesmerising tropical cocktail of fresh and fruity flavours, uncompromising power and extraordinary yield potential. This remarkable hybrid is sweet, sticky, pumped up, highly potent and will leave growers gasping in awe at these high performing genetics.

Barney’s Farm have tamed this Sativa Dominant hybrid (60% Sativa, 40% Indica) and garnished it with huge dollops of glistening, sweet tropical fruit scented trichomes. A perfectly crafted marriage of Tropicanna (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) and a twist of Banana Kush infuses a calming Indica influence.

Let her effervescent personality guide you into a world of euphoric fizz and mystery. Tropicanna Banana is a highly vigorous plant, capable of delivering monster production when in the correct hands.

When growing Tropicanna Banana Indoors expect heights of up to 1.1m with yields of 700g / m2 (flowering in 65-70 days) outdoors yields of up to 2kg per plant are very achievable. THC levels of 22-25% ensure extraordinary therapeutic value and uplifting invigorating effects that will stay with you throughout the day. Buy Tropicanna Banana strain

Tropicana is a rare evenly-balanced hybrid bred by The Social Weed. This strain is known for its delicious taste that has tropical, citrus, fruity and earthy notes. Its aroma is sour, earthy, spicy, tropical and fruity. Its uplifting yet relaxing high can help treat ADD, ADHD, appetite loss, depression and anxiety. The plant boasts bright neon green buds that are shaped like hearts, and carry orange hairs and frosty white crystals. Tropicana strain is recommended for daytime and nighttime use. Tropicanna Banana strain for sale

Type of High

Tropicana cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with a rushing euphoric boost that is uplifting, creative, focusing and artistic. Eventually the body feels light and relaxed. You get social and talkative too. Tropicanna Banana strain for sale

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