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Kind of seeds: Female Indoor/Outdoor 35%

Sativa 65% Indica

Flowering Time: 9 weeks Yield:

500 gr per sq. mt. indoor,

up to 850 gr per plant outdoor

Flavor: complex, sweet, underwood fruits, sandalwood

Effect: extremely strong body and high, creative

THC: 25%

CBD: low

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Mamacita’s Cookies strain for sale

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How It Was Created

To create this fantastic strain, two famous American strains were crossed: Girl Scout Cookies (75%) and Nicole (25%). This combination creates an ultra-powerful strain that is very robust.  A new gem in the MOC collection, this is one of the strongest, most potent strains they have to offer. To understand this strain, it is essential to look at its makeup.

About Girl Scout Cookies

This Cannabis-Cup award-winning strain is comprised of Durban Poison and OG Kush. These two strains were crossed to help elevate THC levels to 25% on average with the combination of flavor and aroma that will draw you in. This strain is known for helping you dive into a flavorful experience of euphoria that is great for relaxing after a long day.Mamacita’s Cookies strain for sale online

This strain is known for gluing you to your seat and the high last for hours. Other effects include couch lock, and you can expect to get the munchies quickly. You can expect a tranquilizer-like feeling as you dive into complete relaxation while enjoying a stress-free moment and preparing for a good night’s sleep. Buy Mamacita’s Cookies strain  online

About Nicole Kush

DNA Genetics first made this rare genetic strain in Amsterdam by crossing Kosher Kush, and Nicole strains to produce a very potent and introspective phenotype. This strain includes delicious flavors and a relaxing blend of indica-dominant effects to help you stay calm and wind down after the busiest day.

Just like Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is also extremely potent with 23% THC on average. Flavors you can expect to fill the air and dance along your tongue include berries, kush, pine, and earth. The aroma and flavors of this strain are extraordinarily enticing and mouth-watering.

 This strain also works much like Girl Scout Cookies because it helps provide an overwhelming sense of relief for both physical and mental ailments. Those who suffer from body pain, cramps, or headaches find this strain to be very soothing. Users also feel a deep bodily relaxation that is perfect for spending a weekend at home or helping to ensure a restful night’s sleep.Mamacita’s Cookies strain for sale online

The Perfect Combination

Mamacita’s Cookies brings the best of both worlds together with the combination of GSC and Nicole to bring you an ultra-powerful strain with 25% THC and low CBD. The intense pleasure from this strain will never disappoint you, and it is perfect for both the most dedicated recreational users as well as medical users who need a great strain to fight the most intense pain and other problematic health conditions. Buy Mamacita’s Cookies strain  online

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