How to Order Marijuana Online

Paying with Cashapp

Paying for marijuana using cashapp is a very good option. Most people prefer this method as it is very straight forward and the interface is also user friendly. When you place your order, you’ll either see a cashtag to make the payment to or we’ll request your cashtag and we’ll request the money from our end. Once payment is confirmed, we’ll send you tracking information after we’ve shipped. If you don’t have cashapp then you can signup at

How to order marijuana online from Marijuana Bud Shop only requires requires just a few steps. The first is to make sure we have what you what. That is you visit our products page to see what we have available.How to order marijuana online  If you haven’t visited that page yet of haven’t found a product, then click here

After you’ve selected a product, add it to cart. Keep in mind that there’s a $250 minimum order amount so don’t proceed to checking out if you don’t have the minimum.  Once you have the minimum, then you can proceed to checking out.

Checking out is the last but crucial point when you want to buy marijuana online from  us. This is because, the billing information or shipping address need to be correct. If you’re shipping to the same billing address, then you don’t have a problem but you need to make sure there are no mistakes. Fill all the necessary information and the choose the payment method. How to order marijuana online

Now let’s talk about the payment methods. For clients out of the US, you can only pay using Bitcoins, Moneygram, Westernunion, Ria money transfer or worldremit. As for bitcoins, there’s an option there for bitcoins with a wallet address clearly written for you to copy and send the exact amount of your total order. Once you make payment with bitcoins, send us an email and tell us the amount sent so we can proceed with processing your order.Use the code “FIRST1” If it’s your first time so you can get a 15% discount. How to order marijuana online. If you place an order above 750, then use this one “MBSBULK285” for a 20% discount. Note: Both coupons cannot be used at the same time.

For the other payment methods, just select the “EXPRESS MONEY” option and we’ll provide you with the recipients information. Note that you can pay online or in a store. There are videos on this page to help guide you on that. The videos are on your right if you’re using a pc and below if on mobile. How to order marijuana online continues below.

How do a westernunion online transfer

How to do a Moneygram online transfer

Sending money with world remit

Other Payment options

Buying bitcoins from Coinmama

Buying bitcoins from paxful

Buying bitcoins from paxful

How to buy bitcoins with paypal

Paying with bitcoins

Paying with bitcoins is the best and most recommended option. Why, first it’s the most reliable and second it’s instant. so below we’ll mention some easy methods of acquiring bitcoins assuming you already know what bitcoins are. If you don’t know what bitcoins are then learn more here

To use this method you have to first acquire bitcoins and then send to the wallet address provided on the website. Sending bitcoins when you already have it is pretty simple so this part will focus on how to acquire bitcoins.

You can buy bitcoins using any payment method you want but since most people prefer to use their credit cards in all transactions, we recommend Coinmama. This company does not serve all parts of the world and also don’t serve all states in the US. But if your state is in their list of states then watch the video on coinmana on the left of the screen if you’re on pc or below is you’re using a mobile device. If you’re going to buy from coinmama and pay with your creditcard then please use this wallet address for the transaction. Start copying from the figure 1 to the letter L. 


Continuation on how to buy marijuana online. Another way of buying bitcoins is from peer-to-peer sites. Peer-to-peer simply means you’re using a website to buy directly from an individual. The company doesn’t have any bitcoins but it oversees the transactions and makes sure everyone is happy-for a commission of course. Another beneficial part they play is that they fight fraud by acting as an escrow between buyers and sellers of bitcoins. If you’re buying bitcoins, you basically sign up, look for a seller that accepts your payment method, start the trade, follow the seller’s rules and make the payment. All this while, the amount of bitcoins you want to buy is safely held in escrow. After making payment, you notify escrow about it and they’ll wait for confirmation from the seller and then release the bitcoins to you. Continuation on how to buy marijuana online. These are 2 best companies I can recommend for this. The first one is Local Bitcoins and the second is paxful.

Videos are on your left or below if you’re on mobile. Please take a look and if you have any problem you contact us

A bonus video has been added for buying bitcoins with paypal which was not discussed above. The website is Wirex


How to pay with Giftcards

This other payment option is only available for US and UK citizens. For UK citizens, only STEAM giftcards are accepted.                As for the us citizens, we accept VANILLA (VISA AND MASTERCARDS), WALMART GIFTCARDS, AMAZON AND HOME DEPOT.      If you’re going to use this method for payment, you have to know 3 very important things. The first and most important is that you have to pay with cash ONLY. Do not use your debit or credit card to make any payment. The second is that you must keep the receipt of the purchase. The third is that for vanilla gift cards, you’ll have to take 2 separate photos of each card (if more than 1) and send together with one clear photo of the receipt. Therefore, you’ll be sending at least 3 photos. As for amazon giftcards, you have to gently scratch the back of the card to reveal the 16 digits code behind it. Send single photos of both the back of the card and the front of it as well not forgetting a single photo of the receipt of purchase. Below are images of the giftcards so you know what to look for. All these will teach you how to buy marijuana online

How to buy weed online
how to buy marijuana online using walmart gift card
how to buy marijuana online using home depot giftcard
How to buy weed online

How to order marijuana online

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